You want to register your industrial design? Then we can help you as well.

Design protection is one of the major assets of a company. Most companies have their technical patents protected. But, if somebody else offers a non-patent-infringing but look-a-like product the effect is the same: You do not want the other person to sell similar or identical products while your sales decrease! See the never ending battle of Apple v. Samsung.

Thus we recommend to protect your design as soon as possible. Beware, that your design must not be published for more than one year to register it! To avoid trouble regarding the proof of evidence (who was first) we recommend to register the design before you publish it.

If you need a quick solution just a few days before publication we can always recommend the EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN PROTECTION, since the the European office for Trade Marks and Designs (OHIM) is rather fast in the filing process.